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Wordpress Management, Maintenance & Support Packages.

Urgent Task
$ 75
per website
Complete Malware Removal
We do a full scan of your WordPress site and database to ensure all malware is deleted and all infected and vulnerable files are replaced with secure copies, so your site can get back online swiftly.
Broken Website Fixes
We diagnose and resolve issues that cause a WordPress site to break, such as plugin and theme conflicts, database errors, or coding problems, ensuring a swift and efficient restoration of your site's full functionality and performance.
WooCommerce Fixes
We troubleshoot plugin conflicts, checkout, payment gateway problems, and performance issues, ensuring your online store operates smoothly and efficiently for an optimal shopping experience.
Custom Tasks & Fixes
We offer tailored solutions for unique and specific issues or requirements in WordPress, addressing custom coding, functionality enhancements, and bespoke fixes to meet your precise needs.
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$ 45 /mo
per website
Website Speed Optimization
We ensure your site runs quickly with a page loading time of under 2 seconds, enhancing the user experience and SEO of your site.
Super Fast Server (US or EU)
Our advanced server technology is engineered for WordPress websites, in order to guarantee unmatched performance and reliability. Plus, you can choose to host close to your customers, we have servers in the European Union and in the United States.
SSL Certificate
We configure SSL certificate for your website, ensuring secure, encrypted connections to protect sensitive data and enhance the credibility and SEO optimisation.
Analytics Integration
We can integrate your data analytics tools on your site flawlessly. Analytics don’t have to be a privacy-invasive evil. Check Plausible or Matomo.
Cloud Backups
We back up your website to our secure external storage, different from your server, so you can rest assured that if anything happens we can quickly restore your site and have it back up and running in no time.
Malware Protection
Our motto is prevention. We implement robust preventative tools and check them regularly to ensure your website and its data is always secure.
Weekly WP Updates
Plugin, theme and core files updated by our team in your WordPress site, to ensure you are running the latest versions with no compatibility issues or vulnerability concerns.
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
We constantly monitor the website uptime, and in case of problems, we fix and get your site back ASAP. Our team is experienced in both: installations and server issues.
24/7 Emergency Support
Our 24/7 is 365 days a year, including weekends, so no matter when or where you are in the world, if a crisis comes up, we handle it fast!
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$ 95 /mo
per website
Everything From Optimize
Advanced Speed Optimization
We ensure your website passes the Google Web Vitals so you grow a greater user experience and reach better SEO results.
Mobile & Tablet Optimization
We make sure your website works across all browsers and screen sizes, so your users can view and operate your site content flawlessly.
Unlimited Website Edits
Our team helps to make your website edits happen. Whether it is a new image or swap out banners, or replacement of text, or publishing a new blog post, or changing widgets, it’s all covered!
Image & Media Optimization
We enhance your website's performance by resizing images to optimal sizes, converting them to the efficient WebP format, and implementing lazy loading techniques, which significantly improve page load times and overall user experience without sacrificing image quality.
Unused CSS Removal
We identify and remove unused CSS code, reducing page load times and enhancing efficiency, leading to a faster, cleaner, and more responsive user experience.
Dedicated Account Manager
We know how important your website is for your business, our dedicated Account Managers ensure your company’s needs are efficiently and effectively fulfilled.
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$ 695 /mo
per website
Everything From
Dedicated Server
No more renting rooms. We will provide you a unique IP and specific server serving only for you, this will maximise the performance for your workloads, provide more configuration control (server ports, resource allocation configurations, low-level operating system settings); and, enhanced security (meet very strict compliance regulations).
Dedicated WP Developer
Do you need new features? Easy. Our dedicated WordPress Developer will work 240 min per month on your website improvements. And if your development takes longer, do not worry, we will provide a quote to complete the development at a very reasonable hourly rate.
On-Site SEO Optimization
We know how important it is to rank first, so our on-site SEO experts work on all the elements inside your website -optimisation for search intent, title tags, internal links, URLs and more, to improve your rankings and drive more organic traffic.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress hosting? Wordpress hosting is a style of hosting that’s completely configured to WordPress sites. Most hosting environments have more general configurations. This setup won’t be optimized to your individual site.

Who would benefit from this service?

If you currently run WordPress site or developing one and are seeing a decline in your performance, then you could definitely benefit from WordPress specific hosting. created for those who need hosting for a few days and for those who seek better performance than it is in general web hosting configurations.

What are the benefits of WordPress hosting?

Improved performance as every aspect of the server environment is optimized for a WordPress installation. Better security as the server is optimized to the unique security configuration of WordPress, instead of just running basic security protocols.

Can I migrate an existing WordPress site?

Yes, we offer a automatic import tool which allows easy and fast migration of your current projects.

What payment methods available?

We use Paysera and Stripe payment gateways with multiple payment options: bank payment, visa or mastercard credit cards.

Can I upgrade storage space?

From 30 GB and up, we charge 0.4 EUR for each 1 GB.

Still have doubts?

Send us an email
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